My favourite stationery items for med school

Hi everyone! Today I’m blogging about one of my favourite topics ever – stationery items! I’m sure there are many other people out there who love stationery just as much as I do.
In particular, today I’ll talk about the items I use on a (almost) daily basis to take notes and study in medical school. If you are a medical student too, you’ll know too well that studying is a pretty constant activity. Personally, I find that having nice pens to write with and good paper to take my notes on definitely helps me stay motivated and get all my work done.
I’ll show you some of my favourite pieces, and link where you can find them in case you’re interested. So let’s get started!

Black, blue and red pens

Do you find it very annoying too when you start writing with a pen and 1) it smudges 2) the ink gets blocked 3) it’s really uncomfortable to hold? If so, keep reading!
For people who write a lot on a regular basis, it’s very important to find a pen that writes well and is also comfortable to hold. I spent a lot of time trying to find the best pen that works for me, and I think I’ve finally found it!IMG_4340
I’ve been using this STABILO retractable ballpoint pen and it’s fantastic! I usually write my notes in black or blue and use red for important concepts, so I got this amazing pen in all 3 colours. This pen is super comfortable to hold because it has a soft non-slip grip zone, and it writes very smoothly on all kinds of paper. Most importantly, it DOES NOT smudge ink!!! If you’re struggling to find a good everyday pen, I’d recommend you try this one!

Coloured pens and highlighters

Next on the list, is a great set of coloured pens. I’m a visual learner, so when I write my notes I find it very helpful to draw things out and use many different colours for specific topics and to highlight the key concepts.
IMG_4337Two important components of my note taking materials are a full set of coloured pens and a set of highlighters.
For my coloured pens, I’ve been using this set of MUJI 0.5 gel ink pens and I absolutely love them! They write really well and as they’re gel pens the ink doesn’t soak through the sheets of paper (which is something I find very annoying). The set has a nice range of colours, and they can be also bought individually – so if I run out of one colour I don’t need to replace the whole set.

As for highlighters, I love these STABILO highlighters! They are easy to hold and the tip is not too thin or thick. I use these a lot, especially to highlight textbooks when I’m reading, and to highlight concepts in my notes when I go back and read them again.


IMG_4345The next group of items I want to talk about is notebooks. There are so many notebooks out there that tIMG_4343he choice can become overwhelming! I absolutely love notebooks, and could spend hours shopping for new ones. But when it comes to taking notes, you need a notebook that has a good size, good quality paper, and is suitable for your needs.
Last year I came across these beautiful decomposition books, and since then I’ve been using them for my revision notes. There are quite a few differIMG_4344ent reasons why I fell in love with them:
– firstly, they have beautiful covers with all sorts of drawings and patters. This makes it quite fun to use them!
– they are a really good size for taking them around in my bag all the time (they’re 18.5 x 24 cm)
– the cover is rigid enough that I can write neatly on them even if I don’t have a desk to lean on (which is a massive bonus for me)
– the paper quality is very good
I’ve been using them for all IMG_4346my clinical rotations so far, labelling each notebook with the subject it contains – this way I find it very easy to look back at my notes as they’re all in one place.




Of course, there are many more items in my stationery collection, but these are my essentials for studying in medical school. I hope you find these suggestions useful if you’re looking for new stationery items.
What do you use to write your notes? Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear what your favourite items are, please comment below!


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